Mongrel Muay Thai

Muay Thai and Muay Lao Boxing

Thailand’s national sport, Muay Thai traces its roots back before recorded time, when it became the combat method of choice for the armies of Royal Siam (now Thailand). Long acknowledged as one of the most brutal martial arts in existence, Muay Thai is rapidly gaining worldwide recognition as an ultra-effective method of personal self-defense. Utilizing high intensity training methods, Thai boxers obtain incredibly powerful kicks unequaled in other martial arts disciplines. Thai fighters also excel in the use of elbows and knees at close quarters. Standing grappling, also called the “clinch” is also an integral part of Muay Thai training. The older system of Muay Boran/Muay Kachuek also adds locks, chokes, breaks, strikes, and take-down/throws, many of which would not be allowed in Sporting situations.

  • Students become proficient in all ranges of Muay Thai
  • Conditioning and self defense application
  • Develop confidence, respect, stamina, and technical proficiency
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