Mongrel Krabi Krabong

Chalambok Krabi-Krabong

The ancient art of Krabi-Krabong is the original military Thai weapons system that the art of Muay Thai descended from. A system of open-field weaponry combat that uniquely combines aggressive power, speed, and intensity, combined with strategically used kicks and knees strikes. this art focuses mainly on hand-held weapons techniques, specifically the Krabi (sword), Plong (quarter-staff), ngao (halberd), daap sawing meu (a pair of swords held in each hand), mai-son (knife), and mai sun-sawk (a pair of shield-like clubs strapped to each arm). Although for most Thais, Krabi-Krabong is a ritual artifact to be displayed at festivals or tourist venues, the art is still solemnly taught according to a 400-year-old tradition handed down from Ayuthaya’s Wat Phutthaisawan. The King of Thailand’s elite bodyguards are trained in Krabi-Krabong; many Thai cultural observers perceive it as a ‘purer’ tradition than Muay Thai.
Unknown to many practitioners of “sport” Muay Thai in the U.S.A, The art of Muay Thai descends from the weaponry system of Krabi-Krabong. Similar to the Filipino Martial arts, Muay Thai is an open hand system of combat that is based off of weaponry technique. A few examples: The mechanics of the vertical down elbow and the Thai round kick come from Krabi (sword) technique. The typical Thai open hand stance as well as the Thai pads are based off of the mai sun-sawk or mai-sawks.
The quote below by Ajarn Jason Webster, the first American gold sash graduate of the Buddhai Sawan in Thailand, explains the focus and raw intent of the system,   

” This Apparent simplicity, on the surface of the art, reflects the underlying emotion inherent in it. That is the quick, economical destruction of the opponent. bearing in mind that Krabi Krabong, and its offspring Muay Thai, evolved from Thais defending their homeland and not wanton imperialism or inter-tribal conflict. Therefore, at the core of the Thai martial arts exists the belief that if fighting must take place, the wholesale destruction of the opponent is warranted – and in the quickest, most powerful fashion. It is due to this aspect that the Thais and their martial arts are so highly respected  for their fighting spirit and ferocity. The Thai martial arts embody these emotions at their center but contain many complex movements requiring grace, agility and skill. Though based only on a few tenets – such as power, speed and simplicity – the art utilizes its techniques in combinations and variations of which there are endless permutations. The goal being the immediate, natural response to the attack with quick, decisive strikes to incapacitate expediently.” 

  • Students will become proficient in the weapons and ranges of Krabi-Krabong
  • Weapon proficiency, Ram Muay (dances), conditioning, and combative application will be covered
  • Developing confidence, respect, stamina, and technical proficiency
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