Espada y Daga – Raw Training

by william in Training Materials

Espada y Daga: Some raw training footage from one segment of a recent training session. We had already covered/reviewed the Fluid Five Attacks and even worked two on one drills.

Off of the Five Attacks: Going broken on the two to draw out and take the blade/hand. We had already worked countering our opponents follow up Espada with the angle one, in this segment we work against the angle 3 follow up. Instead of going three to three pasugat and quartering out, we use the back of the blade to dig/pop under the three leaving our point forward for a direct thrust to the weak side. Even if we miss the fluid three, we are safe on the angle and can still thrust behind the strike.

It’s very important to get the footwork dialed in. Move off on the correct angle and wave out when attacking the daga. That will give you the range and margin of safety to thrust behind the three.


Guro William Schultz

Espada y Daga - Raw Training

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