How did you get there?

by william in Training Materials

Do you ever ask “How did I get here?” when working a drill, or do you just start and end in the same range? If you haven’t, you need to start. If you can’t bridge in and out, what are you doing?

In PTK-SMF we always strive to go beyond static striking and drills with no Footwork. We work to understand and develop realistic ranging and bridging tactics, always moving off-line or outside the opponents’ line of attack. We will isolate and perfect the mechanics of each of our Foundation Footwork patterns working offense and counter offense. Mastering footwork (in conjunction with integrating striking mechanics) allows us to better control the range and timing of a confrontation. Simply said: You have to be able to move into, within, and out of any range. if you can’t do that, you should reevaluate your training regimen.


Footwork: How did you get there?

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